Who We Are :: Our Philosophy

We work with you through the four phases of your financial life!

We take into account the “big picture” of your financial strengths, weaknesses, objectives, opportunities…

The Four Phases

When you partner with Folse Financial, you will experience a different kind of financial services. We work with our individual clients through the four phases of financial life. You’ll get advice and guidance when you are accumulating wealth. We’ll recommend appropriate strategies and investments to help you manage your wealth. When you are ready to rely on your accumulated wealth for income, we’ll assist with implementing distribution strategies. And, when it’s time to begin transitioning your wealth to heirs and charities, we will be there with you and your estate planning team.

Our Practice has always centered on what is in the best interest of the client, and that goes for your time as well. After all, who wants to call a secretary, schedule a meeting 3 to 4 weeks or more out, and then take time out of life to drive to an office with troubled parking and difficult access? If you have a place of business, we’ll come to you. Want to meet in your home after work? We make the drive and find a place to park. Working with a Financial Professional should be all about YOU! We strive to make it that way by utilizing the latest mobile technology and resources our Broker/Dealer Partner,¬†LPL Financial provides.

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