4 Phases of Financial Life :: Sharing & Transitioning

Sharing & Transitioning

…leaving a lasting legacy requires forethought and planning.

The Four Phases

Two things are certain in life: we live and we die. In the final phase of financial life, inevitably, we’ll look back on our decisions and experiences to determine what kind of legacy we’re leaving for those who follow behind us.

Leaving a lasting legacy requires forethought and planning. We feel it’s important to engage a financial advisor who will be an instrumental part of your legacy planning process. We’ll guide you through our Financial Life Success process to help you determine what’s important now and what’s next for you and your family.
We’ll help you evaluate if the legacy-building tools you have now are appropriate, and we’ll work with your team of trusted advisors to implement solutions to accomplish your goals. We’ll consider all your options, help you compare costs and fees, and discuss the merits and weakness of the various legacy-building tools and strategies. Sharing your successful financial life with the people and charities you love can produce the best feelings of satisfaction and accomplishment, so call us if you’re ready to discuss this transition phase of your financial life.

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