4 Phases of Financial Life :: Utilizing


Whether it’s taking that trip-of-a-lifetime or transitioning out of your life’s-work, you’ll want to utilize the assets you’ve accumulated in an effective way.

The Four Phases

Now’s the time! You’ve thought it through. You’ve planned for it. You’ve saved and took risks to accomplish your goals, and now’s the time to utilize the fruits of your labor.


Whether it’s taking that trip-of-a-lifetime, buying your dream home, launching the yacht, sending the kids off to college, or transitioning out of your life’s-work to take on the next challenge, you’ll want to utilize the assets you’ve accumulated.

We’re ready to help you with income strategies or distribution strategies so you have access to your assets when and where you need them.

In this critical phase of your financial life, it’s comforting to know you have trusted advisors to call on when unexpected challenges arise. So, when you’re ready to begin considering how to fund your 35+ year retirement or tap into your savings to purchase your dreams, make sure to have a conversation with your Folse Financial Professional to learn about your options and strategies.

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